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 TESTIMONIALS > Your Letters: Frank the Dachundís Disc Condition Improves with TTouch + Spondylosis

Hi Eugenie,

I just wanted to let you know that I am almost certain that it is TTouch, which has brought about an improvement in Frankís condition already.

His little steps forward have been marginal until now, but feel intuitively that it is the TTouch that has given him a big boost in the last two days.

I started rather tentatively the first day or two, but then with deeper pressure for the next two days and there is no doubt that he is responding in the right way.

He yawns and curls and looks round, and then when I do the long strokes afterwards he gives me a lick which isnít his usual style at all.  Then heís very relaxed and goes to sleep without any fuss.  And our days - which have been pretty fraught - have improved as well. He seems much more settled.

Frankís condition is known as IVDD - intervertebral disc disease - and that heís been on crate rest and homeopathic medications (for the most part) for four weeks. We have probably another four to go but Iím sure weíre going to get him back onto his feet and be able to say boo to all those other knife-happy vets who said surgery was the only way (approx R15000 and no guarantees) and that his prognosis was dismal.

Thanks so much and Iíll keep you posted. I have been so disappointed with the couple of people (including an animal communicator friend of mine) who have been unhelpful and ungenerous with their knowledge, particularly as I live in such a remote place and canít get to any therapists. Your kindness has made the world of difference.



Hi Eugenie,

Thanks for a lovely newsletter, as always!

It was great meeting you again at WODAC and seeing your demo, the  Maine Coon looked like she was in heaven! Having done Nikkiís two day dog and one day cat courses, I have seen a  huge change in my own animals.

My arthritic foxie is much more agile and my skittish feral cat is so  much more relaxed.

In the case of Shanti, I wanted to suggest a product I have been using on my 11 year old foxie. She has no hip joints at all - genetic! And this has affected her mobility. The product is called Joint Support, which has helped her arthritis tremendously. She couldnít jump on her favourite chair anymore to lie in the sun. After using this everyday for three months, she hopped up on the chair like she had been doing it all along!

She is very mobile these days and doesnít whine anymore when she gets up - no cortisone!

Garry Eckersley suggested it, so it might help Shanti with her Spondylosis. I have a reflexology client who has Spondylosis and gets a lot of relief from reflexology and from this supplement, which is safe for humans and animals. Maybe try for a few months and see if it makes any difference.

There are also pressure points you could try massaging for the spine on a dogís paws and legs. I have done a course of reflexology on dogs and cats - and it really helps too!

The spine pressure point is located on the medial (inside) side of the paw and runs all the way until the elbow.

Here is the number for Joint Support - they might have a branch out your way or be able to deliver.

Canyon Organics

011 886 2932


Hope this helps!

Light and blessings


Editorís Note: Thanks Michelle, We actually do give Shanti Joint Support. Unfortunately itís not sufficient for her needs, but Iím sure it benefits her along with the other supplements she receives. And of course reflexology and pressure points are always a good addition to any therapy we can give!

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