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 TESTIMONIALS > Your Letters


Editor’s note: Feedback after  a 2 day clinic with Lindy Dekker and the recent 5 day clinic with Linda Tellington-Jones

Hi Lindy! Philippa here! Hope you are well. Just to tell you I am so proud of my big young thoroughbred! Had to get the vet out yesterday, something I had been putting off for a year, to come and do some nasty injections into two horrible sarcoids on her belly. The reason I had put it off before was the vet had said she was so difficult to work with that she would have to put her out to do the procedure, which has to be repeated every two weeks, over 8 weeks! Horrid! Anyway, the sarcoids got too big and I asked her to come out and try to do it without putting her out! The vet came out fully prepared! My big horse allowed the vet to prepare the area, clean and shave it and give her a local anaesthetic around the area, all the while I was doing ear work and TTouch on her face! Then the vet proceeded to give her almost 15 injections around the sarcoids without flinching! When all was over even the vet heaved a huge sigh of relief! She said I don’t know what you’re doing to this horse, but whatever it is, its right! She isn’t the difficult horse she was two years back!’ I told her it was all thanks to TTouch!! Thank you all again! Speak soon Philippa

And a week later…..

It gets even better! The farrier came on Thursday and could not believe his eyes at how strong that mare with the broken pelvis had become, in just six weeks! Or how straight she’s standing, as well as how much muscle tone had developed evenly on her hindquarters! He usually has to hold her up with great difficulty when he does her feet! He was truly as amazed as I am!


Hi Eugenie

Thanks again for such a wonderful newsletter as always.  Your stories and others are always so lovely to read! 

We recently moved 2 houses away from our old place so the dogs took a lot of strain the first few months.  Every time we opened the gate they would run back to the old place!  When the new tenants got a dog that was worse!  My dogs were very upset.  TTouch played a huge role in settling them down!  My White Shepherd Cova, would bark all night long from stress – that was when I was up at our TTouch training in March last year, so my Husband was extremely stressed with this barking dog.   When I got home at the end of the course, I just spent about 20 minutes a day doing some ground work, ear and mouth work and then just general body touches and the very 1st night I had done the touches there was not even a whimper from her the whole night.

My Husband thought the neighbours had finally poisoned her!  I was actually so worried that I would go down and check on her just to make sure she was still there and alive!!  Every now and then I would forget to do the work on her due to my own stress, and she would be sure to let me know by the 2nd or 3rd night she would start the barking all over again.  I persevered and now have 2 happily settled dogs who only bark at the normal stuff they used, like the neighbour’s cat, or all the dogs walking down the road for their daily walks on the beach. 

So life is pretty much back to normal.  It’s so special to be able to help my dogs with stress and health issues, this work really opens a whole new world for you and your animals.  Although my Husband is not a TTouch convert, and probably never will be as animals are really not his thing, I saw a big change in his general attitude towards the work after just 1 night of me being back at home and working on Cova.  I think it was the 1st night he got some decent sleep since I had been gone, which was a long 7 nights for him!

Kindest regards,

Belinda, TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals 1


Dear Eugenie

Thanks, as always, for your newsletter - I enjoy it.

I’d appreciate you sending out a correction as regards the very last point : 14 a ’Onderstepoort horses now need homes’.

The Faculty of Vet Science where I work, has received so much undeserved bad publicity regarding this matter during the last few years, that I believe it is crucial to stress that these horses are the property of the private company ONDERSTEPOORT BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS, who research and manufacture vaccines and who are based, like ourselves, at the geographical place called Onderstepoort, and nothing whatsoever to do with the FACULTY OF VETERINARY SCIENCE AND ITS TRAINING HOSPITAL - ONDERSTEPOORT VETERINARY ACADEMIC HOSPITAL which are situated across the road from them.

It is extremely frustrating that people (no offence to Bronwyn) still talk about "Onderstepoort said this or did this, that or the other" whereas, in reality, Onderstepoort is a place, and AT Onderstepoort, is a post office, the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (owned by the Dept Agriculture), the Faculty of Vet Science (part of the University of Pta), and finally, a private company, Onderstepoort Biological Products.

I’d really appreciate you clarifying this to your members.

Thanks, and kind regards


Sr Sarah Johnson

Dip Cur Anim (UP)

Liaison and Communications

Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital

Faculty of Veterinary Science

University of Pretoria


Hi Eugenie,

Have just received your latest newsletter.

Please when referring to the Wetnose animal shelter please clarify this as

Wetnose Canine Training has long been the legally registered name of my

training facility - and using the word wetnose on its own does create some


Thanks and regards


Editor’s Note: Sorry about that. We didn’t know!

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