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 TESTIMONIALS > Your Letters
Testimonial By: Barbara Cooper       

Hurrah for TTouch by Barbara Cooper

Hi All,
Just had to share a brilliant experience my daughter and I shared today, Easter Sunday. we were walking our three dogs miles from anywhere and came across a field with sheep with lambs. In the middle of the field lay a ewe on its back ... legs in the air, unmoving. We had already been passed on the track by the farmer in his 4x4, [had he even noticed or made a mental note for later] and as we paused to watch for signs of movement.... absolutely none for several minutes...the rest of the flock ambled across the field to sniff her before moving away.
It wouldn’t be the first time I had pulled a cast sheep back onto its feet but this time... feeling old, I sent my daughter over the fence to check for signs of life while I held the dogs. I got the thumbs up and she grasped the heavy fleece and rolled the ewe over onto its front. However, even after several such attempts the ewe could not get her feet underneath her, but eventually she did and staggered up but as she had probably been there all night....lots of droppings....couldn’t support her weight [actually her body had gone very lopsided] so she fell onto her back again. At last Louise heard me yelling EARWORK!!!!......and she proceeded to work the ewe’s ears for about ten minutes. The rest of the flock converged to watch. It was a brilliant moment when at last the ewe got to her feet and walked away, a little unsteadily at first, her lamb [who had merged into the flock] returning to bleat at foot. The ewe walked steadily around the perimeter of the field and the rest of the flock followed to investigate. We stayed to make sure she didn’t go down again and about three quarters of an hour later arrived back at the car. I couldn’t resist doing a detour and driving back up the track to the ewe’s field......she was still upright waiting with the rest by the gate to be fed! Hurrah for TTouch!

Barbara Cooper P2 England


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