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 TESTIMONIALS > Your Letters
Testimonial By: Class Participants        Publish Date: 2007-03-10


WE had such a great group of people and dogs at the recent TTouch Trainings;

Here are some of the things they had to say:


I found the training so much helpful – I learnt things about my dog and  myself, which I did not know existed. Both CJ and I are a much better “pair” for all our training. Just to show how important this training was – I was supposed to go to the coast for the last weekend – DID NOT GO – I felt the training was more important. Thank you!

Pat Westmoreland and CJ (Weimaraner, M, 2 yrs)



The leash walking has improved a lot! Gryphon is more relaxed and confident in general. I can get home without being “run” over. What I really like is the holistic approach and positive interaction with my dog.

Norma Roberts and Gryphon (Great Dane, F, 1 yr)



Nandi’s anxiety seems to have reduced – she doesn’t squels as much when I get home and seems less nervous when there is thunder in the air. Lucy – The Collie – who I had to leave at home responds very well to body wrapping (She is very nervous when there is a storm looming or fireworks being set off). She also has an intermittent limp - front right – which is either a sore paw or muscular. I have done legwork, python lifts and circles on her and can see a big improvement. I shall concentrate on these as I feel she is potentially arthritic at 7 years. Thank you!

Shirley Mitchell and Nandi - Dachshund, F, 6.5 yrs



Cindy isn’t as fearful with thunder and rain. She stares now or lying in bed. If she is weary or scared of something, she sits by the gate, looking out at it or at the house, but doesn’t cry anymore for us or runs up and down the stairs.

Raquel Nunes and Cindy (Pointer, F, 8 m.)




Cyan is a much happier dog; the shyness is subsiding, no longer hiding under every chair, table and bed she sees. She has started to initiate play with her baby brother, whereas before it was the other way round. She has also (in the past week) stopped barking at children. This was always a problem, as she had bad experiences with kids when she was a pup. Gyan’s tail is more up and curled, much happier dog overall.

Thank you, this was an experience I can take with me through life.

Marina Constandse and Cyan (Siberian Husky, F, 4 yrs)



Jethro travels extremely well after these classes, the body wrap and nose wraps have help with the wining in the car; it calms him and allows him to take more interest in what’s going on without a stressed, over excitement and chaotic response to everything.

Jennifer Tillett and Jethro (Dalmation, M, 11m.)




Tennessee is very sensitive and tends to freeze in unknown situations. The TTouch has helped, but I found that 10 minutes twice a day was too much. She went of her food and become generally stressed. When I cut it down to 2 –3 minutes twice a day, she really benefited. Belly lifts have been great for her as she has had about 5 operations to remove stones, so anytime she is stressed, it seems to go straight to her stomach and she gets really tense there. All in all a great learning experience and a real eye opener on how important it is to really pay attention to your dogs reaction to various touches.

Wendy Wilson and Tennessee (Basset Hound, F, 3 yrs)




It has been particularly gratifying to see Gemma’s progress over the 6 weeks. What we have learnt here will be invaluable in the future as new challenges present themselves. I have noticed how her confidence is improving, not only at home, but also in the park with other dogs. Wonderful to see her personality truly blossoming. Thank you!

Denni Vögel and Gemma (Ridge Back X, F, 7 yrs)



Since we started TTouch Luna’s confidence has definitely improved! One3 of the places I noticed this the most was in man work training. She used to be very uncontrollable, but a little mouth work made her a lot calmer. She has been much more confident and gives good solid bites. She is definitely more sure of herself. I will certainly continue! Thankx Eugenie

Michaela Newey & Luna (German Shepard, F. 5 yrs)

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