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 TESTIMONIALS > Annie - Our Angel Girl
Testimonial By: Sally Berriman        Publish Date: 2006-07-06



“ Jane, I think she’s gone…..” 

My words, scarcely uttered for fear of them being true, slipped out into that bright Balgowan balmy day – sun shining in a bright blue sky, the winter warmth spreading across my back as I knelt on the long grass beside my beloved cavalier, Annabelle. Clearly, she had been kicked by my horse and was in deep shock, her pupils dilated and her breathing laboured as a trickle of blood came from her nose into the grass as she lay there. 


Only minutes before she had been running free next to my horse, enjoying the freedom of  her first outride, with wide open spaces and the limitless joy of boundless space.  We were at our favourite spot, up  Gallopy Hill where the smells of wild birds and bush buck are on every patch of the dry winter earth…… and here she was, small, limp and seemingly lifeless.


Her stiff struggle of a seizure had been calmed by my voice and the reassurance of my massage. I prayed hard, and struggled to keep my voice steady and in control, talking to her all the time.  Talking to her was able to keep that gut-wrenching feeling at bay of my recurring nightmare of a few years before, of holding that warm, limp body of our little puppy, Rosie,  who had died after a freak accident.  I decided “ NO!”  THIS WON’T HAPPEN TO YOU ANNIE-KINS.”  Think, think….. talk, talk; keep her with us… 


I blocked out the sound of  Jane’s  crying as she held our horses, and asked her to walk the horses back and fetch my car to take Annie to the vet.   Annie was breathing again… her little ribcage moving ever so slightly.  Yes, her lips were still pink and that was a good sign…


Sitting alone with her on the top of that hill, time went by in slow motion –  I re-lived her short little life of seven months as  I furiously massaged the tips of her ears and kept thinking positive thoughts.  She was salivating badly and her bleeding nose meant she could only breathe through her mouth and this was proving difficult for her.  As I gently rubbed her all over, I kept talking, for fear of the dark thoughts that would seep into my head.  Talk, talk, and rub, rub.  Rubbing her ears especially, all I could remember were Doreen’s words of advice – “ If your dog is ever in an accident, or severely traumatised, rub the tips of the ears to help with the shock….”


My feeling of helplessness dissipated as I remembered all my Tellington Touch training  as I worked furiously and desperately on little Annie.  All my energy went into her, through my voice and my hands.  Her limp body had relaxed and her eyes were looking more normal.  I can remember thinking that it was such a beautiful day, and this was such a beautiful dog – she just HAS to pull though…..


It is now five days since that awful day.  Annie is still at the vet, off the drip now, and we wait to see if she has sight in her left eye from the head trauma of the kick.  Her bright, plucky character is coming back slowly each day. More and more I can see her bouncy indomitable spirit returning – at first only a glimmer, but growing stronger and stronger.    Thanks to the dedication of the vet team, I hope to bring her home soon – and to be able to cuddle this special girl.  I am convinced she loved me enough to come back to me, through the chaos and the pain, and fight for her life.  Our precious, darling Annie – surely she is one of God’s angels sent to be with us on Earth?



Sally Berriman


Seekem Cavaliers

Nottingham Road

E: salber@michaelhouse.org

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