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 TESTIMONIALS > A Very Fearful Border Collie Rescue Learn To Enjoy Life!
Testimonial By: Lindsay Rozenkrantz        Publish Date: 2005-05-01

Hi Eugenie

I’m not sure if you remember me but I received the Ttouch letter from my mom Helen Rozenkrantz.
You assisted me with my BC Sammierha and my horse Shadre on courses I completed with you and Linda.

I also recently moved to my own place and needed to get a friend for Sam cause she was really lonely all by herself. I then decided to also get a BC from the BC rescue unit. My mom and I went into their website to see what it was all about and if possible to give one of the millions of dogs a really good home. When I first saw Shelby my instinct told me that I should give her a home. I phoned and told them I wanted a 18 month or 2 year old spayed female as Sam is 3 and they could get along well. They brought Shelby to my house and allowed me to have her for a trial period of a week to see how they get along and as Eugenie would know Sam is a very loyal but protective dog when it comes to me.

Well after a week I didn’t have the heart to give her back I just had to make it work.
Shelby would yelp and bark constantly and Sam would get up set if she came near me. Shelby wouldn’t rest for two seconds and she was so thin and scared. I got her the first night and she was so dirty and scared that I would take her food away from her. As I say a half starved scarecrow so afraid that if I come near her she would be hit or yelled at. I couldn’t get her near a bathroom or even play with her she has this fear that toys are meant to hit her. She would bite me if I suddenly came to close or try to pick her up. I couldn’t dare to touch her stomach, brush her and bath her well that was out of the question.  She will scream and people would think I’m hitting her. Shelby was so scared of water that she would run for her life. If she got a chance she would run but I really liked her.

I was well warned that she was noisy and extremely active and very busy. Shelby was picked up as a stray and found at the SPCA where they wanted to put her to sleep. Kay the BC Rescue consultant took her in for 2 months and was desperate for a new home. By the time I phoned I was home no 5 to try and see if I could give her a permanent home. Shelby also gets along with other dogs which is important for me because I go to my parents farm weekends for Sam to work with the sheep. I was also warned never to let Shell loose because she will duck for the nearest exit and run away.

The first day that I got her I used the body wrap to try and help her find herself and it took me  2 an a half hours to put it on because she kept trying to bite me and run. I also started the TTouch on her as I was taught in the courses just to try and calm her down so that she could sleep. On day 2 that Shelby was with me it took me half an hour to get the wrap on her. If that was not an improvement I don’t know what is. Due to using the Ttouch method on Shell I have managed the following within 3 months of giving her a second chance on life.

Shelby now goes into the bathroom at free will. I can’t get her away from water cause she loves it so much. I can now give her a proper bath without any struggles, yelping or running of any sort. Shell has realized that a bath
feels good and actually asks for one. Shelby has never tried to run away and roams freely all the time with out
any restraints. Up until 2 months ago Shell actually sits on my lap and I can tough her stomach, hold her, hug her and even brush her as long as I like. Shelby is learning to play with toys now with the great help of my other BC Sam. I have also realized that Shelby’s original owner was a guy because she loves men so much.  Through TTouch I realized that Shell just needed to learn how to be a dog again and enjoy life the way she is meant to. Shell has accepted me and Sam as her family and she knows she is safe and will never go hungry again. It now takes me 15min to get her calm, relaxed and asleep. Shell is no longer noisy and my neighbors actually asked me if I still have her.

 I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to Eugénie and the TTouch team for helping me find a way to improve the life of my two Border collies and enabling me to understand Shell the way I now do. All she needed was love and care to heal her fears.

Shelby has also revived the life of Sam and I by putting the spark of life back into our busy lives. I have learnt a lot through Shell especially the fact that life is to short to throw it away so enjoy it as best you can. I also thank the BC rescue unit for giving me the chance to give Shell a new home and for finding her when they did.

Quote from Seabiscuit " You can’t throw a whole life away because it’s banged up a little"

Many Thanx
Lindsay Rozenkrantz

A P.S. from Lindsay : I have also recently realized that Shell suffers form minor asthmatic attacks when she gets so excited at times. The TTouch on her ears and head stops these attacks almost immediately and it has also reduced these attacks so much that she almost doesn’t get them.

I still have a lot of work to do with Shell but I will get there cause she has come to realize that this is home and that I will do everything in my power to help her and well what can I say it’s working.

Having an open mind to listen and understand there reasons make life so much better cause Shell is definitely no longer that scared to live and run for your life dog anymore. I made a difference to her life and I’m so thankful
to you for helping me find a way to helping dogs like Shelby who really have no where to turn.

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