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 TESTIMONIALS > Help For A Sick Dog – Relaxation & Pill Taking
Testimonial By: Shayne        Publish Date: 2005-02-01


Hi Niki
Thought I would give you some further feedback regarding Jamie, my Jackie with the kidney problem.
I had two fairly bad weeks with her initially, where she was off her food, looking very listless and unhappy, and had two vomiting episodes. I actually happened to be on holiday while some of this was going on - with her - so it was good in that I had lots of time with her, but a little nerve wracking as I did not have access to Dr Eckersley! I did all the TTouches you recommended - down the kidney meridian, urinary bladder meridian, ears, base of ears, pads of her feet and back and hind quarters (I’m a ’horse’ person, so suddenly can’t remember what you call this area in dogs), as well as clouded leopard all over her body.
At this time, I had just seen Dr E, and was struggling to give her the homeopathic medicine without a drama. It was so amazing, one evening I did TTouches with her and then went to prepare the homeopathic meds. She followed me, and simply lay down on her side and just continued lying there. It was so weird - she never does that. But it was as if to say, this is how I think we should do this. So lying on her side, I was just able to gently lift her top lip and put the homeopathic meds underneath her lip - no drama, no fuss. but it was as if she was telling me that this was a good way for her to do it. I’ve been doing it like that since, and its working much better.
Another interesting thing - she was off her food. On several occasions, I put her food down, and she wouldn’t eat, so I started doing TTouches on her. She usually falls into either a fairly deep sleep or just a very relaxed state. About 15 minutes after I stopped, she would wake up and go to eat. I just KNOW that the TTouches helped her appetite get back to normal.
After the two weeks and lots of TTouches, she seemed much improved. During the holiday, she improved dramatically from the first week to the second week. Her appetite is much better, and I would say more or less back to normal, she hasn’t vomited again, and is generally looking so perky and happy I can’t believe it. The ’old’ Jamie is definitely back in full force. During the second week of the holiday, she was able to go on long walks, which she couldn’t manage in the first week, and was playful and energetic - not this sleeping all day thing that had started.
Since I’ve been back, I’ve taken her for a check-up and Dr Eckersley is so happy with her, that he’s taken the meds and homeopathic meds down to every alternate day instead of every day. She has maintained her appetite and energy and is just looking like the younger dog I know.
Not only do I think that TTouch has helped her to feel better (which is very important to me - I want her to have good quality of life while she is still with me in her earthly body) but importantly, it gives me something to do that can help, instead of feeling helpless and not being able to do anything. And she just LOVES her TTouch sessions, I can’t tell you how relaxed and peaceful she is. She also loves the TTouches on her pads, which is very interesting because she doesn’t like her feet being touched. Finally, she had an injury to her tail from being attacked by a dog many years ago - I think there was some nerve damage in her tail as its really loose and floppy. Well, I’ve been doing TTouches there too, and there seems some regained control!
Thanks so much for your help Niki, and I cannot emphasise how amazing this work is!!!!!

PS- note from Shayne: “I feel is so important to add, is that there is NO substitution for quality veterinary care. I am so lucky I ended up finding this fabulous vet, who is obviously very talented at what he does, and just seems to understand
on a different level to your average vet.”

Editor’s Note: Shayne is now a qualified TTEAM Practitioner!

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