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 TESTIMONIALS > Feeling Free & Relaxed To Just Be A Dog!
Testimonial By: Carmen        Publish Date: 2004-10-01

Letter from Carmen Leonard (Practitioner-In-Training year one)

Dear Eugenie,
As promised, an article on how I inadvertently did my first case study, for use in your newsletter.

Maddi is a miniature Schnauzer and is 8years old. Maddi first came to us at the age of 3years. She has wonderful owners who spare no expense where Maddi is concerned.  The best way to describe Maddi is that she is a Lady.” She is always well behaved, always keeps clean and is very cautious when doing anything.  Not even knowing about TTouch initially, we got Maddi used to being kenneled and her owners were always content that when Maddi was with us, she was well cared for. 

Recently Maddi came to stay with us for four weeks as her owners braved the hurricanes to go and visit their children in Florida, U.S.A. I was running the kennels solo and as Maddi had been desperately ill with a high liver enzyme reading and kidney problems a little while before, I thought TTouch would maybe help her. So I started almost daily with Clouded Leopard, Abalone touches, back rubs and plenty of ear work, i.e. circles and strokes. I was mindful not to do any of the touches that start the back legs making scratching movements as she has severe skin allergies. Maddi responded very well to all the touches, arching her little back during the back Thinking no more about it, I left after almost four weeks to go and do my second session of the TTouch.  During my absence, Maddi was collected and went home.
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On Monday, I received a call from her owner, who wanted to know what on earth I had done to her dog? Apparently Maddi had undergone a complete personality change. First her "mother" noticed it and then her
"Father." I had not told them that I had done the TTouch on Maddi but they were so shocked that they thought that they might have the wrong dog. Suddenly Maddi was bringing in the compost and actually playing with it.

She was jumping on the furniture and running up and down the stairs, which previously she would wait
to be asked and then sedately walk the stairs. Karen, the owner said that the best way to describe Maddi was that she was so mischievous and vivacious. Karen was so impressed that she wants to bring Maddi back for regular sessions and is willing to pay anything and also wants it for herself, as Maddi seems so young again.

Maddi will be my first client, and I did tell Karen that there is no charge.  If I think back, Maddi`s change was evident even when she was here but I didn’t really notice it. She would run up to me and jump up and down my legs, demanding attention and even nipped my butt. All things that Maddi would never have done before.

To end I must tell you a funny story. I was so elated by this, thinking that I certainly had a "magic" touch, and I promptly went over to Shadow, my G.S.D who has a sore on his back leg that won’t heal as he keeps licking it. I did raccoon, tiger and bear touches around and over the area. Feeling really good about my work, I walk away and when I turned to look at him, I found that he was once again licking the area and his eyes were on me as if to say,” What on earth was that all about?” Needless to say I came back to earth with a bump and realized that I still have a lot to learn.

Thank you once again for bringing the TTouch to South


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