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 TESTIMONIALS > Milo Learns To Cope And Feel Good On Three Legs
Testimonial By: Doreen        Publish Date: 2004-07-01

Letter from Doreen, TTouch Practitioner in Pietermaritzburg

A year and a half ago, Milo, then aged two; a Pointer cross, was hit by a car. His right hind leg was badly damaged, and although it healed on the outside, something was still clearly amiss. Milo became very thin, and obviously suffered pain, as he would not put the injured limb to the ground. Eventually, a bone abscess was diagnosed, and the limb amputated, high up, leaving half the haunch as a stump.

I had the great privilege of meeting Milo, two weeks after this radical surgery had been performed, when he attended a two half days workshop I was giving. He was walking without difficulty, as he had become accustomed to hopping about on three legs, but at night he would howl in pain, despite painkillers, and the comforting hand of his mistress, as he lay in his basket, right next to her bed. As well as keeping the family from their sleep, Milo’s pain, and their inability to help him through it, was really distressing them.

On the first day of the workshop, I showed them the TTouches to use on him, and, much to everyone in the class’s surprise, demonstrated using the TTouches, not only all over his body and stump, but also on the limb that wasn’t there any more ----- on the phantom leg. Some laughed incredulously.  (Why? If phantom pain is so real, where does it come from, if not from the phantom limb? )

The next morning I asked for reports from the handlers, on their dogs. Milo had slept through the whole night without so much as a whimper. In the morning, instead of having to be coaxed out of his bed, he was nowhere to be found. A search revealed him ranging at the far end of the large plot he lives on; something he hadn’t done for a long time! I have a picture in my mind of that dog’s face, that morning, that I will remember for always! He was literally grinning, from ear to ear, as happy as a sandboy!  Bring it on; bring on life ---  I can handle it again!" he seemed to be saying!

And he proved that he could, too! You should have seen that dog handling the groundwork! Over the sleepers, the ramp and the see-saw he went, without even a pause; through the labyrinth, the tyres and the bending poles, as if he’d done these things every day of his life! It was a joyous experience!
I am looking forward to hearing that Milo’s appetite has returned, as I’m sure it will, and that he is back to the sleek, shiny, healthy, happy boy he was two years ago.

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