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 TESTIMONIALS > A New Practitioner Shares Her First Workshop With Noise Phobic Dogs
Testimonial By: Sue White        Publish Date: 2003-11-01

WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND by Sue White TTouch Practitioner I

Saturday, 23 October 2003, dawned and I was up early.
My first TTouch workshop as a TTouch practitioner was about to start.
My head was in a whirl! Was everyone going to arrive? Should we sit outside on the veranda or in the lounge? Did I have all the paperwork, tea and coffee, enough equipment, water bowls, flip chart and pens? Some of the groundwork obstacles still needed setting out, and on and on!
We ended up in our lounge, one of my favourite rooms in the house. It’s large, bright, airy, quietly peaceful and has wonderful views. And yes, everyone arrived on time. There were four special clients with their very special dogs, a little Yorkie, 2 Border Collies and a Golden Retriever. Shelley Afargan, currently a PIT,  acted as assistant, and did a superb job. Amazingly, all the dogs had similar issues, of fear of loud noises and varying degrees of separation anxiety and nervousness.
I am glad that I had decided to split a one-day workshop into 2 mornings: by one o’clock the clients’ heads spinning, their pupils looking a little dilated, and their dogs were exhausted! I was tired and wilting at the edges.
That night was a tough one for the dogs. There was a thunderstorm, followed by masses of loud and noisy fireworks celebrating Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lamps.
On Sunday morning everyone returned looking ready and enthusiastic to learn more. For the Border Collies the noisy night had been a Wrap! Both of them had coped much better than they would usually have with the noise, as both were well Wrapped and well TTouched. The Retriever had not faired so well with no Wrap and with loud fireworks right across the road, and Za-Za, the Yorkie, had been home alone during all the noise, and wasn’t telling anyone how her night had been.
The Sunday session was much easier for everyone, human and animal. The time off had given dogs and owners time to process all this new information. There were visible changes in all of the dogs. Those dogs who had battled with the groundwork on the previous day, were coping well now and were starting to enjoy themselves. Previously nervous Collies were now passed out at full stretch.
The morning passed quickly, everything I had planned to cover had been done, and it was time to bid all farewell. The clients seemed reluctant to leave, and judging by the evaluations they really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. I also had a great learning experience.
Most important of all there are now four more dogs and owners with new information and new skills enabling them to communicate better with each other and cope better in their shared environments. The owners also know that they are not alone with the issues they have with their dogs and that there are people out there offering gentle and kind solutions to these problems. In the case, the Vet has even suggested euthanasia of the one Border Collies if things don’t come right. So to any new practitioners who might be thinking of running workshops, just go out and do it, make a difference, and have a great weekend!
To Eugenie, a huge thank you for the advice, help and encouragement.
Sue White (TTouch Practitioner 1)

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