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 TESTIMONIALS > Helping A Shy & Fearful Dog Be Confident In Her Last Days
Testimonial By: Cheryl Filmater        Publish Date: 2003-06-01

Misha’s Story – Cheryl Filmater

Misha started her life in an abusive home. Mariè, my mother’s neighbour saw what was happening and adopted Misha when she was ± 18 month’s old. She lived with Mariè for 5 years. Mariè’s husband was then transferred to the UK. Their vet felt Misha would not manage or cope with the move or the quarantine separation period. My mother became Misha’s new Mom.

Misha has always been a shy, quiet and insecure dog. I have recently become involved in TTouch and seeing the wonders it can do I approached my mother and asked if I could take Misha to a two-day workshop. All systems GO….
Misha was to attend the two-day workshop on the 17th & 18th May 2003, but after day one she was coughing very badly. (± 3 years ago after a visit to two vets it was confirmed that when Misha was over excited she would cough.) However this was the worst coughing fit she has ever experienced. We thought it not to be in her best interest to attend the second day.

We were all so excited about her progress - in just one day Misha began lifting up her tail when she walked, until now she would never lift her tail. Anyone could touch her back, something only my mom use to be able to do. With a body wrap on she strutted her stuff. She bloomed, feeling very confident! My mother continued touches on Misha.

In the early hours of Monday morning the 19th May at about 1am, Misha began coughing very badly. My mother spend until 7am doing touches on her and calming her until she could take her to the vet. The vet immediately took an x-ray. Misha had cancer; she had developed a huge tumour on her pharynx. She was suffering; her breathing had become so laboured her once pink tongue had become a dull bluish colour. It was decided the best option for Misha was to put her down. The vet asked if my mother would like to be present. She was, she did ear work on Misha and called me yesterday evening to thank me for the touches I’d shown her over the weekend.  Her words to me were “Thanks for the touches. Misha spend her last few days as a happy confident dog. When she passed away it was the most peaceful I have ever seen her."

Thank you Eugenie and TTouch for giving Misha a happy ending. My only regret is that I never found the miracle touches sooner……

Eugenie’s note: I used Misha as a Demo dog on Saturday despite being told that no one could touch her back. She very bravely let me and developed more confidence as the day went on. So now we know that she did have a problem in her throat with a tumour. I often wonder when we have animals like Misha who lacked confidence, if the touches we did on her that day could have freed her enough to communicate that she wasn’t well and that her time had come to move on. Animals so often stay attached for us when it’s perhaps not in their best interests. What a gift it was for us and to Misha that she had so much positive attention and interaction in her last days!

Follow up: How miska’s Story affected others:

From Monika
Thank you Eugenie and Cheryl for sharing your story with us.

Misha’s story touched me at the clinic this past weekend. I thought about her often and felt heart broken about her abusive past, yet amazed and excited at her contribution at the clinic. Thank you to TTouch for helping

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