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 TESTIMONIALS > Healing A Traumatized Cat
Testimonial By: Bev        Publish Date: 2002-02-01

Hi, Eugenie

Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the cat challenge!  As you recall, I called you a couple of weeks ago regarding the cat I had adopted after her mom had been murdered.

I didn’t realize what a challenge I had taken on!  Food seemed to send her into a frenzy of hissing and growling, biting and clawing and from what we pieced together, she had been eating when the attack and murder of her mom took place, and it seemed food became her trigger for terror!  I put her in my healing room and soon learnt when to keep my distance.  She would be affectionate one minute and claws and teeth would sink in the next!  Her claws are like razors!  At times, walking into the room would result in her launching herself at me like a missile and I will carry many a scar to remind myself of how traumatized she was.

However, I persisted with short bursts of T-Touch and Reiki.  Attempting a body wrap turned her into a wild cat and she wouldn’t allow me near her for two days, so I gave that one up!  I really learnt a lot about non-verbal communication in cats in those early days!  I also discovered she had always been temperamental (she’s apparently 10 years old) and known to attack, claw and bite for apparently no reason.

We eventually worked up to about 10 minutes of company that she would tolerate at a time, before hiding under away and growling at any movement, and one neared her at risk of bodily harm.  I tried Bach Flower Remedies and Eco-Fear but as she would not eat and hardly seemed to drink water or milk, I gave up.  Trying to give it to her from a syringe left me bloody and her triumphant!

Her appetite has returned (wow - she can really put food away!) and her coat is beginning to shine again.  She disappeared on several occasions but always returned on her own within a day or two.  Since the weekend there has been a remarkable change in her.  On Saturday, while doing some T-Touch on her side (which was an extremely sensitive area) she suddenly started purring (for the first time!!), then settled down and went to sleep.  On Sunday, she lay on my lap for close on 2 hours, and was most upset when I had to get up, but still wouldn’t allow me to take her out of my healing room.  Last night when I got home from work, she was very vocal when I walked in and even rubbed herself against my legs.  For the first time, she allowed me to pick her up and hold her for more than 30 seconds without  jumping out of my arms.  I managed to carry her around the house, she lay on my lap while I watched TV and even accepted Bubbles coming to say hello and having a good sniff.  (Bubbles has been remarkably gentle with her) She spent the evening with me, and couldn’t seem to cuddle in close enough. She and my cat still don’t really accept each other, and have had a couple of near fights but I am leaving them to sort their differences out.  

 It’s now been 4 days that there has been no growling, hissing, biting or clawing and I can only attribute it to T-Touch and Reiki, lots of love and tons of patience.   My healing room has been claimed as her domain.  Bubbles is allowed in, but she really doesn’t like my cat being in there with her, although she tolerates it noisily as long as he leaves her alone.  He has tried to lay the law down, has tried to woo her, and has also tried to chase her away.  For the first time since he was 3 months old (he’s now 7years old), he has met his match, and she’s less than half his size!  Well, the antics shall continue, but I feel humbled and blessed to have played a part in Minou’s life and facilitating her healing of past trauma (although we still have a way to go).

Thank you, for all your guidance and your teaching.  I have really found T-Touch and the non-verbal communication to come in handy on many occasions, and for many reasons, ranging from over-exuberant Rottweilers, to a waiting room of frightened dogs at the vet!  However, I’ll save those stories for another time.

Keep up the wonderful work!  Hoping to see you again soon.
Lots of love

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