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 TESTIMONIALS > Aggressive Dog
Testimonial By: Sheila Wills        Publish Date: 2001-07-01

Dear Eugenie,
First of all a belated thank you for the wonderful workshop in Cape Town -  it was well worth the journey from George. I have been waiting a while before writing to observe the results of what I learned being practiced on my older dog Kelly a 9 yrs, 9 months old GSD.
Kelly has for many years been fear aggressive with other dogs (a long story involving being bitten as a pup a couple of times and my protective responses ever since - I have learned better now!)
Kelly appears to want to "kill" any new dog that she meets showing teeth and barking very aggressively - even whilst travelling in the car with me.  Actually she has never bitten another dog and in fact if they show a strong response she backs away and looks for me to protect her.  She is fine with dogs she knew as a puppy and has grown up with and is fine with my younger GSD bitch.  She is wonderful with, people, children and all of my 5 cats.  However, as you can imagine it is no pleasure to take her out to training sessions or to shows.
I have been using the wrap on her and giving lots of circles, especially working on the head and the nose/mouth area, she is a little reluctant to let me into her mouth but I do manage short periods.
The result!    She does seem much calmer and I can now take her out in the car and if we pass a dog on the street I say "no bark Kelly, good dog" and MOST times she will just stare intently at the dog.  Sometimes she does still bark but a lot less aggressively, more of a token really.  A town drive is much more peaceful now.   
At training I can now sit closer to the other trainers and I can calm her with just my voice if they and their dog pass by.  However,  if she is tied (because I am working my other dog) or in the car alone, she still barks aggressively.  Should another dog bark at her she will respond and her biggest problem still seems to be with Border Collies who dash madly about after a ball, this really seems to upset her.
Anyway I just thought I would let you know that we DO see progress and I shall continue.
Thank you again for a wonderful weekend
Sheila Wills

Answer: Thanks again Sheila for this! I think itís really important to note the changes that our animals make and not expect them to become perfect overnight! Sometimes it starts slowly with small things and sometimes itís dramatic! We need to learn to observe and notice everything about our pets and then we can begin to see the changes that start to happen!

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