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 TESTIMONIALS > Thunder & Lightening
Publish Date: 2001-01-01

Hello Eugenie

My two days of working on Nico seemed to have helped tremendously as far as Thunder and lightning goes, she slept through all the noise last night and this morning.  We had two very loud lightning cracks and all she did was prick her ears and go back to sleep.

Many thanks
Lynn Sewell  

Dear Eugenie,
As promised, here is my report-back on Smudge.
I came to your two-day course in November, 2000 with my Corgi, Smudge, and his thunderstorm problem, hoping that T-Touch would be able to help him as no pills had worked so far.
At the end of Day 1, having tried my hand at the various different T-Touches and equipped with the bandage to strap him up, I was hoping for a thunderstorm to see if he was under better control.   To my delight, there was a thunderstorm and I duly wrapped Smudge up in his bandage and massaged his ears, but I couldn’t really see any difference in him.    He seemed to be as frantic about the storm as ever.    My husband, David, said that he thought he was a little less stressed, but I was not convinced and thought that, being a novice, I hadn’t done the touches correctly and so it wasn’t working.
The next day I came for groundwork exercises and reported back on what I really thought was no progress at all.   I could see a major difference in the two Labradors attending the course and was a bit disheartened that Smudge didn’t seem much, if any, different.   We duly took part in the groundwork exercises and halfway through I was more than a little sceptical about the whole thing.   Being a show dog, Smudge was used to being put on a table and handled by different people without getting fazed and it really didn’t seem much use to me for him to walk along planks, go through the maze, through the bars of ladders, etc., etc.   Anyway, I duly completed the day and went home with the idea that I would do a few touches as and when I had the time in the hope that something might happen.  
Early the next morning around 5 am, we had a really bad thunderstorm and I thought, well I would go to the kitchen to see if Smudge was climbing the walls.   To my absolute amazement, he was lying quietly under the kitchen table with the thunder crashing around his ears!   I quickly bandaged him up in case he hadn’t heard the thunder as I didn’t want him to get agitated and he was starting to pant a little, but he really did no more than pant a little and it was quite warm in the kitchen anyway.
By now, it was 6.15 and I really wanted to phone you then and there to report back, but instead phoned Dian as I had to tell someone the good news.   She, having been on the course with me, and being a dog person, I knew would be up and about dealing with the dogs, but I managed to wake her up!   I managed to hold out until 7.30, in case you were still in bed and then phoned to tell you the good news.  
All through December Smudge has been a model patient.   He still gets agitated with the thunder, but is much, much improved.   I put the bandage on him and he lies down near me and goes to sleep.   He isn’t the quivering mass of jelly he was, as long as I am at home with him.   If a storm comes up while I am out, he gets all het up, but calms down as soon as he gets bandaged.
I can only say that I was sceptical in the beginning, especially after the groundwork exercises, but the T-Touch system works like magic for Smudge.   He can now cope with thunder, as long as I am there with him.   I don’t know how it works, but it certainly does and it doesn’t matter that I was a complete novice at doing the touches - it still works.   He has gone from being a Corgi who was so frantic about thunderstorms that he climbed through the burglar bars of cottage pane windows, which in itself was quite a feat for him, to lying down quietly wrapped up in the security of his bandage.


Hi Eugenie,

Some news on TTouch - my old dog Sokkies used to be petrified of thunder.  She always warned us way in advance if a storm was brewing.  I did some groundwork with her and put a body wrap on a couple of times and it seemed to help a bit.  One night she woke us up (a pretty nasty storm) and I was in no mood to put a body wrap on, so I just threw a large towel over her.  After a couple of minutes of walking around in the towel, she lay down in her basket and went to sleep!  All I have to do now is throw a towel next to her when there’s a storm and she sleeps on quite happily!

I’ve also been doing some groundwork with my Alsatian, Chester.  He never had a problem with pulling on the leash, but I thought I’ll try it any way and see what he does.  He was not impressed with this walking between two poles (labyrinth) and just sat down after a couple of steps.  Sokkies thought this was fun and came to play/nudge me, so I thought I’ll take her through the labyrinth. 

She seemed to enjoy it and Chester got intrigued, so I put the lead back onto him.  He did not want to walk with me and the next moment, Sokkies was walking in front of us through the labyrinth, stopping and looking at us every now and then.  Chester took one look at this and neatly followed her.  We did it a couple of times, with Sokkies walking in front or next to us and Chester has had no problem with walking through the labyrinth after that.  

Any case, more later,
Carin Malan

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