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 TESTIMONIALS > Reactive Dogs Learn From Being Treated With Respect And Acknowledgment Of Their Perfection

Hi there Eugenie, 

As you know I took 2 of my dogs to the last workshop held in September 2006. This was my 6th training BUT probably the one where I learnt the most. For me this training had nothing to do with the touches, groundwork or equipment. I learnt 2 important lessons : to listen with your heart and to see the perfection in every animal.  

The biggest changes have been in my rescue boerboel/staffie cross. I rescued DOGGIE in March 2005 where he had been living on an empty piece of land. At that stage 2 ladies had been feeding him for 6 months. They say that he was so thin when they started feeding him that he couldn’t walk, he crawled, to the food bowl. Anyway, I wasn’t really ready to take in another dog but started visiting him every day. After 2 weeks he approached me, sat down next me, and I touched under the chin. What a moment! The deciding moment was when Doggie ran after my car, twice. He came home the next day. 

Doggie actually adjusted rather quickly and was integrated into my home life within two months. Off course, I did lots of ttouch on him. The biggest problem he faced was his fear of strangers, new situations and his reactivity to other dogs. At the workshop one of the practitioners, who is also an animal communicator, saw an image of someone hitting Doggie over the head with a metal pole/pipe. At first I was rather emotional but there was a clear message: ‘that it was important for me to know what happened so that I would have a deeper understanding of his behaviour at times’. Thanks Scotty. I spoke to Doggie about this image and he looked at me with these soft eyes and I felt him saying: ’Mom, when I am with you I never think of the past and neither should you’. 

Anyway, what really blew my mind at the workshop was how Linda connected with all the dogs, on every level. When she works with a dog nothing else matters but that connection with the animal. And she spoke about seeing every animal’s PERFECTION. I must admit that it can be frustrating owning a fearful dog who lunges out and growls at people and dogs. The frustrating part for me was that everyone else was quick to label him ’aggressive. At the workshop Doggie was treated with respect, with everyone seeing his perfection. He wasn’t treated any differently than the other dogs nor was he was he excluded.

Linda also told me to visualise Doggie being calm and to give him a clear picture of what I want from him. To talk to him, to make him think and to give him a choice. I was sitting down with Doggie and a few people walked by. He was really concerned about this. So all I did was tell him that ’Carmen is a nice person’ and then ask him to ’watch me’. If he turned his head to watch me I popped him a treat. I could not believe how successful this was. Linda is truly awesome. 

There have been some incredible changes in Doggie’s behaviour. I AM SO PROUD OF MY BABY. He has taught me how to be a better person. And that patience and kindness do have a pay off. Where do I start!! Since the workshop a month ago Doggie is so confident. He never used to jump on my bed but every morning I now get a cuddle. Doggie also is confident enough to give my other dogs the appropriate signals that ’his bone is his’ , without there being altercations. Before he would back away and give up his resource. Doggie has accepted my sister’s new Rotti pup, my Mom’s new rescue and another 2 dogs at training. But for me the biggest changes happened this week. I had a braai at my house on Sunday and 8 of my friends came round. Usually Doggie would sit a distance away from them but on Sunday he sat in between all of them getting lots of love. Amanda said to me : ’ I can’t believe that Doggie actually walked up to me, he usually shies away from me’. And yesterday I had to have my alarm checked. The two male technicians had to walk through my house and I visualised Doggie’s perfection. Doggie went up to them, smelt them, and didn’t bark once.  

All I can say is that my light is shining bright for ttouch.

Thanks to everyone who worked with Doggie. Thanks Eugenie

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