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 READ THIS IMPORTANT LETTER FROM EUGENIE regarding Practitioner Training for Companion Animals

Tellington TTouch South Africa offers Practitioner Training for Companion Animals. After your first session and between sessions, students are encouraged to assist at workshops for further experience and do case studies. The program comprises only 2 sessions a year in order to help students with their finances and the need to get time off work. The workshops are scheduled to include a weekend in order to make it as convenient as possible.

The cost of the trainings don't vary greatly, but they are based on the Rand/Dollar rate needed to pay the International Office. Detailed costs will be found on the workshop page. Most trainings take place in Johannesburg (sometimes Cape Town), but we try to help out-of-towners by hooking them up with other students or recommending a reasonable B & B.

The certification program for TTouch Practitioner for dogs, cats and other animal companions is designed for people who want to work with animals on a full or part-time basis and for people who just want to share the benefits of TTouch with their own animals. There are hundreds of professional TTouch Practitioners all over the world. Some work full-time with private clients, many do TTouch part-time in addition to their other jobs, and some incorporate what they have learned into their work with animals in shelters, obedience schools, veterinary clinics and zoos. The rewards of this training program include an inspiring way to relate to animals, and for many, a new appreciation and understanding of ourselves and our own species.

The certification program to become a TTouch Practitioner takes approximately three years and requires a considerable investment of time and effort. The program is part-time and consists of six sessions (2 per year) each lasting between five and seven days.

During the 3 year professional training and certification program, you will:

  • Experience ways of working with dogs, cats, birds and other pets that are unique and rewarding and can change your life.
  • Acquire easy-to-use skills to deal with common behavior and health related problems
  • Use techniques to increase performance and reduce stress in show, obedience, agility, schutzhund and trial dogs
  • Work with shelter animals to help them adapt more easily to new environments
  • Participate in Client days to gain experience working in a Client and dog.
  • Do case studies for experience and feedback from Instructors.
  • Learn how to help animals recover more quickly from surgery and injury
  • Understand how TTouch inspires understanding and compassion for all life

After four trainings you will become a Practitioner in Training and you will be immersed in Tellington TTouch philosophy and techniques. Our professional instructors demonstrate various techniques through lectures and hands-on work with dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. Some sessions are held at animal shelters that provide a wide variety of animals for you to learn with.

In your first year, you will learn how to:

  • Identify behavior, health and temperament problems and learn creative solutions
  • Work with cats to alleviate common issues such as aloofness, timidity and aggression
  • Learn to use the canine head collar, body wraps, and other TTouch training tools
  • Use leading exercises and a Confidence Course to increase the dogs learning ability
  • Implement new approaches to stress free grooming

After attending the first 3 week-long sessions, you will have secured a firm foundation in the work. At your second training you will be assigned a mentor who will support you between trainings. To enhance your education in this program, you will be asked to work with animals between trainings and journal those sessions in case studies.

On successful completion of your first 3 trainings and your case studies, you will have earned your One-Year Certificate. You are then qualified to:

Charge for work with individual animals according to the agreement signed on entry into the program.
Give short presentations, up to one hour, introducing TTouch to clubs and organizations.


The third year builds on the skills and tools you learned in the first 2 years. As you continue working with your classmates, teachers and the animals, you will incorporate new skills and deepen your understanding of the techniques and philosophy. You will also be working with clients and their animals during the trainings and here you will hone your ability to work with individual animals and satisfy the needs of their owners. You will acquire information on how to market yourself and your TTouch skills.

In your third year, you will be required to: Attend 2 week-long trainings, attend two weekend trainings when possible given by TTouch Practitioners or Instructors and continue private sessions with companion animals and prepare case studies. Upon successful completion of the course work, you will receive a TTouch for Companion Animals Certificate, Practitioner 1.

You are then qualified to:

  • Work privately with animals according to the agreement signed on entry into the program
  • Give one-day hands-on workshops
  • Give a series of hands-on trainings to groups, i.e. one session per week, afternoon or evening, for 6-8 weeks
  • Use the official TTouch logo on your business cards, letterhead and advertisements according to the terms of the agreement.

Practitioners are encouraged to assist at the International Training in order to keep current in the latest techniques and developments. In order to advance to the higher certifications of Practitioners.

Graduates must assist at a number of week-long trainings and workshops. Details will be available after your second session. As a Practitioner-In-Training, you will have access to the Tellington TTouch Guild while you finish your studies to the Practitioner 1.

When you have achieved the status of Practitioner, level 1, you have the option of applying for full membership of the Guild. The Guild maintains a directory of Practitioners all over South Africa. Many people enquire about finding a Practitioner near them and referrals often come from the Guild list. You also receive your own web page to introduce yourself to the public.


You will be taught by our team of professional instructors, each have had a minimum 13 years experience with The Tellington TTouch. Linda Tellington-Jones, Robyn Hood, Sarah Fisher, Debra Potts and Edie Jane Eaton are the main trainers. There will also be qualified Practitioners assisting at your trainings so that you can benefit from their experience and have plenty of individual attention as you hone your skills.

Occasionally people from related fields such as allopathic and holistic veterinary medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, animal communication and business consultants will be invited to address the group.


Many people see TTEAM, Tellington-Touch Equine Awareness Method, as an extremely effective way of working with horses. Some of these people attend one or two clinics and incorporate TTEAM into their own training programs or with their horse-related activities such as Rehabilitation, Teaching, Pony Clubs or Therapeutic Riding. We encourage and appreciate the integration of TTEAM in these ways.

Others, after seeing TTEAM demonstrated, ask "How can I become a TTEAM teacher?"

Accreditation as a TTEAM teacher takes considerable commitment, time and money. The qualifications required to teach at the various levels.


The first level of accredited TTEAM teachers work with individuals and/or their horses. These teachers are called Practitioners. This level is an opportunity for both professional and non-professional horse people to teach TTEAM techniques that encourage understanding and partnership with horses and resolve behavioral and physical difficulties.

The procedure for becoming a PRACTITIONER is:

  • Have a satisfactory back-ground dealing with horses.
  • Attend a minimum of four week-long trainings.
  • Write a letter to the TTEAM office stating your desire to be acknowledged as a TTEAM Practitioner. Include a biography and a photo.
  • Submit a case-history file of work with 10 horses. You may start collecting cases after your first week-long clinic.
  • Complete a written test available from the TTEAM office.

Most people do not charge until they reach the Practitioner level. There are exceptions for those who are already professional trainers.

Qualification is determined by a review of these five steps.

The Practitioner level sometimes includes people who have limited experience with horses, but have experience in other professional fields of teaching or bodywork. Such people usually take MORE THAN FOUR TRAININGS to qualify as a Practitioner.

• to charge for their services with individuals and/or their horses.
• to give short presentations free of charge to Pony Clubs and other interested parties; at which they show parts of a TTEAM video, talk about their TTEAM experiences and demonstrate on a horse if practical.

To qualify to teach TTEAM at higher levels, one must have

  • extensive experience and knowledge of handling horses
  • basic horsemanship skills
  • ability to ride various disciplines
  • knowledge of what is a safe situation
  • ability and experience in handling groups of people
  • a dynamic and empathetic personality

To advance from Practitioner level, two years must have elapsed from your first week-long training.

1. Attend a minimum of 6 week-long clinics and 3 one-day or two-day TTEAM demonstrations.
2. Write a letter to the TTEAM office requesting promotion to Practitioner 1.
3. Submit a video of one of your gratis presentations to a horse club that you did as a Practitioner.
4. Provide a list of your TTEAM accomplishments while a Practitioner. Include all of your presentations to groups and sessions with individuals and/or horses.
5.Attend, as an assistant or participant, 1 training every 18 months to maintain Guild status.

Qualification is approved by a committee review.

• to give one-day hands-on workshops to no more than 10 participants and 5 horses.
• to give a series of hands-on trainings to groups of no more than 10, i.e., one session per week, afternoon or evening, for 6-8 weeks.
• to continue working with individuals and their horses.

Higher qualifications can be obtained. For more information on these go to www.TellingtonTTouch.com/faq5.htm#6


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