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E-Mail: karin.betz1@gmail.com
TTouch Qualifications: CA P

CA: Graduation: Mar 2013     # of Updated Trainings: 0    Last Training: Nov -0001

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I have always had a great love for animals and decided that I would like to give back to the animal world in return for all the joy it has given me and so my journey with TTouch began.

TTouch has given me the tools to connect with animals on a different level, providing them the opportunity to get into balance, often bringing relief to pain, fear and anxiety.

Below are testominials from my clients


TTouch is a wonderful program and in my experience worked wonders for my GSD. Prince was very a nervous and unsettled dog around meal times. Something happened to him as a young puppy. Karin and the TTouch program worked with Prince for a number of weeks. Improvement was noticeable immediately and Prince continued to grow in confidence and now eats.

- Davin Webster


We adopted Baron a 8 year old husky in 2009. As with many rescues Baron needed a lot of TLC and he had some health issues. We were able to treat the hookworm infection he had and with love and some good food we were looking forward to him getting better and better. Unfortunately the rainy season started and he started showing symptoms of weather phobia and noise phobia as well. Our lives changed dramatically as his symptoms were so severe he would have panic attacks. Unaware of how to care for an animal with these symptoms our lives soon spiralled out of control. He hurt & cut himself on more than one occasion trying to get to safety during a storm and once inside the symptoms didn’t get better. He was on cortisone and anti inflammatory meds to relieve some of the pain but prescription medicines seemed to be of no help at all. In short; Baron was scared and in constant pain, he didn’t like affection, hid away from the kids and avoided any contact with humans as far as possible.


Karin offered her assistance to our family in 2011. By that time we were at wits end. Karin’s patience with not only Baron but with our whole family soon began to have a HUGELY positive impact on our lives.

Karin taught us to be calm and assess Baron’s behaviour and Baron quickly figured out that Mommy is more patient and calm and he became calmer and more social with every visit from Karin. Karin & TTouch have learnt us that less is definitely more....small exercises at appropriate times will benefit your animal more than you can imagine. With every visit we could not only see a change in Baron; but also in our 5 other dogs. Seems the calming & trusting affect she had on Baron caused our other pets to calm down as well.

Since Karin had her TTouch sessions with Baron: he is a changed doggy; his overall body posture has improved so much; he stands up straight and proud. Obviously the pain is a lot less nowadays J He is still weary of strangers but has even come to the point where he greets family and neighbours and asks for a rub and some love. Visitors have mentioned the change in his behaviour without even knowing that he was having TTouch sessions with Karin.. Nowadays once a storm hits, he sleeps through it. Sometimes the noisy thunder still scares him but we sit down quietly and practice some Ttouches on him and he soon calms down and goes to sleep again J

With Ttouch and Karin’s patience we know Baron will improve more and more

 Overall we have again become a happy family because of Karin and her Ttouch magic – Thank you is not enough

- Antoinette van Jaarsveld



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