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  PRACTITIONER: Karen Bullivant

082 900 9119
086 659 2026 (fax)
E-Mail: karenb@twob.co.za
Web Site: http://www.twobfun.co.za

TTouch Qualifications: CA P1

CA: Graduation: Apr 2012     # of Updated Trainings: 0    Last Training: Nov -0001

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I was first introduced to TTouch in 2002 through a workshop at our Agility School and was eager to find out more. My sister, Tracy and I, attended a few additional workshops (dogs and cats) before finally registering for the Practitioner training in Oct 2009. We both qualified as Level 1 Practitioners for Companion Animals in April 2012 and consult under the Two B Fun name.

We are two sisters and best friends that grew up in a home with dogs and our Dad doing obedience training with our ‘family’ dogs. In 1997, we got our first ‘own’ Labradors and started attending an Obedience School as our parents did not want unruly dogs at home. We were introduced to Dog Obedience competitions and from then on have been involved in the Dog Community in South Africa.

We have both competed with various dogs (Labradors and German Shepherds) in Dog Obedience, Dog Agility and Gundog Field Trials along with serving on various club committees along the way. We currently have 2 Labradors and a ‘Mystery’.

We got our first two Maine Coon Cats in 2001 and entered our first cat show in early 2002. We have competed with our various Maine Coon cats since then and have also served on various cat club committees. We have also allowed our Maine Coon cats to participate in various advertisements and TV shows. We currently have 6 Maine Coon Cats.

In 2006, we formed Two B Designs CC (http://www.twob.co.za/), an after-hours business that focuses on producing personalised products for the animal lover. Due to time commitments with our business and not enjoying the traditional training approach that we have being taught, we are not currently competing in dog or cat shows but are still linked to these communities through our businesses.

We had heard about and were interested in Clicker Training and finally attended Eugenie Chopin’s Clicker Training course in Feb 2008 and have been assisting her on her courses since then. We have started our own Clicker Training classes in June 2012 under the name of Two B Fun (http://www.twobfun.co.za/), a division of our business Two B Designs CC.

Over the last 15 years we has been actively involved with the SA Guide Dog Association with fundraising, fostering a stud dog, looking after puppies over the Christmas holidays and helping out at various functions.

We have also helped the Society for Animals in Distress with their educational program by doing demonstrations with our dogs to the Grade 2 school children in Thembisa and Ivory Park. When we have more time again, we would love to get back into similar programmes.

During the day Tracy is an Audit Manager and Karen a Software Developer Manager. As much as we enjoy our day jobs, we are passionate about helping people with their animals through TTouch, clicker training and our products that we design and make.

We believe that we will return to dog and cat shows as competitors in the future but with Clicker trained animals that are able to adapt and cope in the different situations due to the TTouch that they experience on a regular basis.

We are both available to give presentations / demos to groups.

For more information on the clicker classes and our upcoming TTouch workshops, please visit http://www.twobfun.co.za/

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