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  PRACTITIONER: Elaine Botha

072 642 4447
0862416281 (fax)
E-Mail: elaine@ttouch.co.za
TTouch Qualifications: CA P1

CA: Graduation: Apr 2012     # of Updated Trainings: 0    Last Training: Oct 2011

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Hi, I’m Elaine and this is my story ....

 I have had a lifelong love of animals that stems from both my parents.  While growing up I always wanted to work with animals but life gets in the way and dreams pushed aside.  So where I could I rescued stray or injured animals and if it was not possible to find their human parents they would be taken to a place of safety.  Fortunately family have the same love for animals and are always willing to help and give support.  But it was only in November 2008 that things really began to take shape, and it all started with a chance meeting with a very special dog.

 It was then that my husband and I rescued a dog from a farm in the Limpopo area, where he appeared to be living alone in the wild. He was malnourished, very weak, riddled with ticks and fleas and had emotional problems.  I had no idea what to do with this little dog, who we called Lucky Joe (now known as Joe).  I was afraid of causing further emotional damage but was eager to socialise him and help him with his confidence.  So, while looking for information on the internet and browsing on the Barking Mad website, I stumbled upon the” TTOUCH” link. After reading many of the articles I knew I wanted to become a “practitioner” in order to help Joe and other animals that had been mentally, emotionally and/or physically abused.   I enrolled for the Practitioners Programme in October 2009 and have never looked back, I love the work!  However, it was still 6 months away and I knew I had to start helping Lucky Joe soon.  So in the meantime I got in touch with Vera Drummond, a well-known dog trainer who applied TTouch in her training.  I was concerned about taking him to training in his state because many years before I had trained two bull mastiffs using the old choke chain method and did not like the pulling and jerking way of training but it was the only way years back.  Vera assured me the training was kind and gentle.  I was amazed at how Clicker Training and TTouch brought Joe’s confidence back and he was quickly on his way to being a happy confident little boy. 

 During the subsequent three years of TTouch training I was trained by international instructors Sarah Fisher from the UK, Linda Tellington-Jones from the USA (founder of TTouch), her sister Robyn Hood and many others.   I assisted at workshops with Eugenie Chopin, Lindy Dekker, Nicky Lucka and at TTouch workshops for dogs with behaviour concerns and many Storm Fear Phobia workshops at various Rescue Centers with Scotty Valadao before qualifying in April 2012. 

 I find it very rewarding working with rescued dogs and to see them being re-homed successfully.  The aim is to help the new dog’s parents and dogs/puppies to understand each other and avoid being returned to the shelter.  So rewarding.

 While working at a veterinary practice I attended many courses on various veterinary products.  I am continually learning by attending talks held by the Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA and have certificates for Clicker Training (Eugenie Chopin TTouch), First Aid for Companion Animals (ThinkingPets) and I am a Hills Veterinary Nutrition Advisor.  I have assisted Charmaine du Toit with Puppy Class Phase 2 (puppies 4 months and older) since June 2011. I trained as a Puppy Class Instructor with Thinking Pets and have assisted Niki Elliott with Puppy Socialisation and Puppy 2 Classes.  My latest endevour is Adult Training with Niki Elliott at Bodies In Balance. 

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