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E-Mail: tracy@dbmelectro.co.za
TTouch Qualifications: Eq P2

EQ: Graduation: 2011-10-09     # of Updated Trainings: 0    Last Training: 0000-00-00

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My life with horses




At a young age I was off with my Dad to the yard, my dad was training race horses, and my sister and I would go and watch the horses on the track then wander around the yard looking up into their nostrils as they leaned over the door to say hello.


I was in heaven; I could spend all day there.


Riding lessons started and I lived for the bus to collect us each week to take us to Stoneyhurst where being able to ride and really touch the more calmer ponies was always an awesome experience even if I fell off or got my foot trodden on, nothing could deter me from continuing.




Later on in my life, after I left school my dream was to be a vet, unfortunately funds were not available and I had to find a job. I opted to go and live with my Dad in Nottingham Road and work on a stud farm. Now you are really talking, practically living with brood mares and their foals, where on your break you get to wander around huge open fields making friends with new little souls. They are so precious, inquisitive, always licking you and some being quite brave in front of their friends.


Hard work and long hours in foaling season, the reward of being in animal energy and the witness of the birth of this energy. It is absolutely awesome.




Unfortunate circumstances and I had to return to the city.


I worked for a bank for a few years and then a construction company.


Drawn back to healing I did the Smart Healthcare Representatives course which covers the study of anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology. This led to me securing a medical representative’s position. I have completed a Reiki and Body Balance course with the intent of working with horses, when I stumbled on TTouch, I ordered the books and continuously watched the programs on TV at Tilly farm with Sarah Fisher. I now currently work half day as an office administrator so I can spend time with my horses. I run a livery yard, teach riding and have competed in training dressage and now compete in affiliated show jumping shows.




I have an awesome horse who is a true testament to TTouch. He used to bolt with me, was disunited and had no coordination.  I now ride and jump him bit less and he is performing like a star. TTouch has changed the way I interact with horses and I look forward to helping more horses and their owners.



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