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  PRACTITIONER: Nancy Horenburg

+267 74471515 (h)
+267 74471515 (w)
+267 74471515
E-Mail: naneky@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.anotherwayfitness.com

TTouch Qualifications: CA P1

CA: Graduation: Sep 2006     # of Updated Trainings: 10    Last Training: Oct 2011

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Nancy Horenburg has been living in Botswana since 1981, where she moved to from France, and before that, South Africa, where she was born. Animals have always been a part of her life. She was ‘lucky’ to grow up with parents who were conscious of the importance of living a simple and natural life. Her mother used to treat any health problems with natural methods, and that love for nature and her remedies has carried onto Nancy.

Although the vet is important for certain cases, Nancy’s first choice and desire is to use holistic methods. That desire came to the forefront when one of her dogs injured her spine against a pole whilst running with the other dogs. Chingy became paralysed from the middle of her back down. The vet gave a very poor prognosis, saying that Chingy will very likely never walk again. That fired up Nancy’s determination to do the very best for her dog. Her search lead her through her bookshelf, where she had Linda Tellington-Jones’ book, The Tellington TTouch. That brought her to Eugenie Chopin and ultimately the Practitioners TTouch Training. She has not looked back since. A month after her accident, Chingy made her first few steps. Ever since, she has improved and is now the happiest 95% healed dog, playing, running and jumping around, all thanks mainly to TTouch and acupuncture.

Parallel to (maybe just a bit behind!) her love for animals and Nature, Nancy is also passionate about helping children become better people so they can contribute towards a better world. She teaches on a voluntary basis to the children of Mokatse village where she lives. The children get martial arts, yoga, Capacitar, Virtues, artistic, creative, and life skills, holistic exercises, games, songs and other activities. Visit Mokatse Dojo to see what is going on.

One of the best ways to help animals and nature is to better the lives of people, because they are the ones who are doing the most harm. Through various modalities, Nancy strives to do just that. Tai chi and Chi Kung bring whole body awareness and health, counscious food brings nutrition and health, retreats and workshops bring guidance and knowledge, and art brings peace and inner views. 

Nancy also uses Capacitar and Virtues to help bring light to the world, and is a certified Capacitar Int. Facilitator (Capacitar means to empower. Capacitar’s mission is to teach body-mind-spirit practices to empower healing, wholeness and peace, both in the individual and in the world); The Virtues Project™ Facilitator, (To empower children to live by their highest values. Simple ways to bring out the best in our children); a second Dan in karate and a qualified Taichi Chuan teacher.

She also has diplomas from the International Correspondence School in: Animal Health, Wildlife and Forestry Conservation, and Fitness and Nutrition, all which bring together health and wholeness to the world.

When Nancy is not with animals or children, she loves doing watercolour paintings, clay sculpture, arts and crafts, martial arts, cooking, writing, and reading.

She is also giving workshops on the wonders of basic Tai chi and Chi kung and the application for TTouch. See Tai chi for TTouch for more details.

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