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  PRACTITIONER: Scotty Valadao

073 735 0469
E-Mail: scotty@scottysdogs.co.za
Web Site: http://www.scottysdogs.co.za/www.friendsofthedog.co.za

TTouch Qualifications: CA P1

CA: Graduation: Sep 2006     # of Updated Trainings: 3    Last Training: Oct 2011

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I have been passionate about all animals for as long as I can remember, especially dogs.
This passion has grown and grown over the years and has culminated with working with dogs on a full-time basis and running my own business, Scotty’s Dog’s. At the beginning of 2002 I was intoduced to the magic of TTouch and found what an amazing difference this modality could make to an animal, it’s behaviour, physical problems, and the relationship between dog and owner. I knew this was something I had to learn but had to wait till the beginning of 2003 to embark on the Practitioners training and qualified in 2006.

I have taken my passion for dogs further and have attained qualification in the following:-

  1. Accreditation: Animal Behaviour Consultants (Canine) (Acc.Cn. ABC of SA)

  2. Registration: Registered Canine Behaviourist (SABCAP) SA Board of Animal Professionals)

  3. Certificate:  Puppy Socialization & Basic Home Obedience – South African Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (SAADOI)

  4. Certificate : Modern Theories of Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Obedience (Distinction) – Animal Care College - U.K.

  5. Certificate : Ethology – Basic Animal Behaviour (Dogs) – Technikon Pretoria

  6. Certificate : Veterinary Nutritional Advisor (Hills)

  7. Certificate : Tellington TTouch (Practitioner for for Companion Animals)

  8. Certificate : Louise L Hay Facilitator

  9. Certificate : Clicker Training 

I am also a regular speaker on Radio 702 ,and offer talks on Storm Fear Phobias and other Canine related topics on a regular basis.

I believe that if you have the basic understanding of how and why something works, you then have the knowledge to take action in an educated manner. This applies to dogs as well, and if we can become aware as to how a dog thinks and acts and how to respond appropriately, it will avoid unnecessary dog bites, unnecessary behavioural problems and in general make the relationship with the canine world a much safer and harmonious one. 

In addition to starting a free General Newsletter for animal lovers under the auspices of the ABC of SA, I realized that more needed to be done to help owners and their dogs. So many dogs end up unnecessarily in shelters due to their owners either not having the knowledge to change their dogs behaviour, or nobody to help them do so. Due to this, I founded, in Feb 2011 a totally free website for all dog lovers which is aimed at education and increasing the bond between dog and owner. We have an Ask the Behaviourist, downloads of Dr. Dunbars 2 puppy books, over 400 articles relating to behaviour, pups, breeds, heath and alt health. We  also have a Facebook Page, Friends of the Dog and here we put up daily dog related snippets and offer the page for postings of dogs that are lost, found or looking for homes. The link is :- http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Friends-of-the-Dog/209129102441638

I offer Puppy 1, Puppy 2 and Adolescent classes in Modder, just around the corner from Thornhill and down the road from Greenstone on both a Saturday and Sunday morning. Here you will learn all the basics, come to understand why your pup does the things it does, learn basic House Rule to help to mould your pup into a well mannered member of the family and of course your pup will receive both a solid social foundation and we will help you to build it’s confidence. 

In addition I am experienced in many of the ‘alternative’ therapies and have successfully completed courses in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies for animals and humans, Animal Telepathic Communication and am a qualified Reiki and Karuna Master.

I offer the following:- Private Behaviour Modification - Private TTouch Sessions -TTouch Workshops - Private Taining Lessons - Adolescent Starter Lesson (for those who have acquired a new dog) - Puppy Starter Lesson

Further information on the above can be obtained by phoning me on 073 735 0469 , e-mail to scotty@scottysdogs.co.za




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