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Hello TTouch Friends,

Happy Spring! The change in temperature has been more than welcome. The garden is bursting with blooms of wisteria, poppies, bulbs, jasmine, petunias and clivias, the trees are full of green and the weaver birds are busy using our palm trees for nesting material and homes. It brings joy and light back into life after the death of my Mother last month. Even though her passing was expected and she had lived a fulfilling and loving life, it certainly marks the end of an era for my family and me.  So change is in the air and I hope to look to this as an opportunity to see what else I need to change to fulfil my own life.


I also look at my old dog, Danilo who is pushing 18 years and I know that this year may be his last. Itís hard to comprehend what weíve been through together. Sarah Fisher in the UK keeps saying I need to write a book! Itís a pity I didnít take notes during those years as we all could learn through hindsight! I do know that Iíve wanted a new puppy for a couple of years now, but as Danilo is (and has been) very wobbly in his back legs, I wouldnít dream of having a puppy harass him in his last years. I do believe that this is one of our jobs as guardians of our animals and that is to allow them to become old with dignity and peace.


Itís been very hectic here in the TTouch office this past month, but excitingly so! Starting 2 new clicker classes and a big TTouch class allows me to connect with so many new and great people. Iíve just finished an article on Clicker Training for the new upcoming Dog Directory so do have a look when it comes out next month. There will be lots of pictures of Shanti and others having fun with the clicker.


The Practitioner Training for Companion Animals is set for October 19-24 and this is basically the last chance for you to join a Practitioner Training until 2010, so let us know ASAP if youíve been dithering.


We had a very interesting 4-day training with the SAP Dog Unit in July. Some really great people doing their best to get the dogs trained and ready to go out to work. I will add the article we did for them on Stress and how it can affect the working dog (or any dog) to our TTouch Tips section. What so many of us donít realize is that Stress is a factor in every dogís life, even if itís just excitement. So do have a read!


Itís so great to have so many of you joining us in this great journey we have in communicating with our 4-legged family!


Eugenie Chopin

Certified Practitioner III for Companion Animals


If Dogs were TeachersÖ
If a dog was the teacher you would learn stuff like:
When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

YES Ė YOU MAY START IN OCTOBER! As Life often interferes with the things we want to do, there are many people who wanted to do an Intro, but just didnít manage. So there will be a number of new people joining the training in October. It simply means that these people will have to do a make up class some time in the future. If you are one of those who wanted to do the training, but didnít make it to an Intro, thereís still time Ė just give us a call or email us at info@ttouch.co.za.


As you may know, the training runs over 3 years, with two 6 day sessions per year. Session 2 will take place in October. You do NOT need to have any previous experience to join this training.    Although you have missed the Intro, I am confidant that you will be able to catch up with the work and knowledge. It simply means that you will need to attend an extra course at the end of this training period. There are many people who miss training over the 3 years for one reason or another, so there will be others in the same position.


 However, if itís possible, you might consider attending a workshop before October. Having a basic knowledge can help you catch up and understand more of the info given in Oct. This is not a prerequisite for you to be part of the TTACT III class, but it is recommended. If you are interested in a workshop, please go to our website at www.ttouch.co.za and look at the Workshop page for details.


WE have had literally hundreds of requests for Information on this training and itís very gratifying to see that people are truly starting to understand how effective this work can be!


After the Introductory Session and between sessions, students are encouraged to assist at workshops for further experience and do case studies. The program comprises only 2 sessions a year in order to help students with their finances and the need to get time off work. The workshops are scheduled to include a weekend in order to make it as convenient as possible.


The Program is a comprehensive training of hands on work with Companion Animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. The training consists of 2 sessions a year lasting between 5 & 7 days, for 3 years.



Practitioner Training




Johannesburg Venue TBA
Session 2  - 6 Days                            with                              Robyn Hood

                     October 19-24

               R3900          + VAT



011 884-3156




We endeavour to help the student to be proficient and confident in the TTouch work. To this end we have a program that we believe gives a steady hands on experience for the best results. That includes such things as:

        After session 2, the TTouch student is required to do 5 case studies between each session, 15 in total. This is to ensure that the student is doing and experiencing the work as well as getting feedback on what they are doing.

        After session 2, each student receives a Mentor who is available to help him with these case studies and any question he might have about how to handle a particular situation.

        At session 2, we begin to take students to a Shelter to work on both cats and dogs. This is to give you an opportunity to experience as many different animals as possible. It also allows us to give back something to the animal community. (Please note that if anyone has an objection to going into the shelter, and we realize that it is hard for some, there is no obligation. There is always an alternative to work with the kennel or your own animals instead.)

        At session 3, we start to introduce Client Days. This is a morning where we set up Clients and their dogs for you to help in a safe and supported environment.

        In general, the course is very much a hands on training giving you a great variety of experience with as many animals as possible so that at the end of 6 modules you feel confident to handle the clients and cases that come your way.

        TTACT students are encouraged to assist at workshops given by fully Certified Practitioners. This is a great learning experience and invaluable to the learning process.

        The TTouch office and Guild is always here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please donít hesitate to call us if you have any needs!

        Our Instructors all come from overseas and are the best in the world. One of the beauties of this program is that the same people teach it worldwide and so the information doesnít get filtered down through many hands. The Instructors include Linda Tellington Jones (creator of TTouch), Robyn Hood (Lindaís sister and brilliant teacher), Edie Jane Eaton (also a Feldenkrais Practitioner) & Debby Potts (teacher par excellence).

        This program is about helping you communicate with animals, giving people an alternative method of working with both animals and people, our human relationship with the animal world and giving you the tools to do all of these things. The program is dynamic, creative and yet very practical so that the work is clear and easy to understand.


At the end of 2 years, if you have done your case studies, you will acquire the Status of PractitionerĖInĖTraining and are then able to charge for one-on-one consultations with clients.


The cost of the 6-day Introductory course will be R3900 + VAT.

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Eugenie on 011 884-3156 or email eugenie@ttouch.co.za  or phone the office on 011 884-3156

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.  

The TTouch class is a great way to learn & absorb TTouch at itís best. Over a 6-week period, you have the opportunity to go home, practice and then come back for more! SEE YOUR DOG MAKE CHANGES IS A FEW WEEKS!







Weekend Workshop

29 & 30 September


Niki                                         082 451 0433 niki.elliott@wol.co.za

Cape Town   Kenridge

One day

15 September


Debbie                                     083 992 8767 debbie.conradie@metroweb.co.za

When it's in your best interest, practice obedience.  
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