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 ARTICLES > TTouch > Rescuing a Staffie Running from Fireworks on New Yearís Eve
  TTouch  Article:
Article By: Eugenie Chopin       

Dear TTouch Friends,

Well, the year started with a Bang Ė yes those dreaded Fireworks for many pet owners. I personally took a very scared but sweet Staffie to the Randburg SPCA at 1 a.m. in the morning. I had been at a gathering when the dog showed up, walked inside and did NOT want to leave. So I started my year TTouching a strange dog, which seemed to relax with lots of ear work and Abalone Circles on the Body.  When we train our Practitioners, one of the main things we discuss is the need to keep the Practitioner safe with dogs they donít know and I had an interesting experience with this. For details see TTouchTips

As the people where I was had cats and were leaving on Holiday the next morning, I volunteered to take the dog to an all night Vet. Unfortunately when I arrived I was told that they werenít accepting any strays. While I can understand the policy in that they might indeed be inundated and lack space, I would like to think that there was some flexibility when a single woman arrives at 1 a.m. in the morning. The lack of concern for my safety in sending me somewhere else, never mind the dogs did not impress me at 1 a.m. New Yearís Eve! If any of you have information on this type of policy at your Vets, I would really like to know what it is.

Having said that, the dog stayed for almost 2 weeks before being found by its Owner. It had indeed been left outside and must have run at the first sound of a bang. If I can recommend anything to dog owners, PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGS INSIDE when you know there is going to be Fireworks or Thunderstorms.

The other BANG from the start of the New Year is the huge interest in the TTouch work. While we know that many people are starting to learn about and appreciate the usefulness of this work, we have been inundated with requests for workshops. Needless to say, this is very exciting and shows me that weíre on the right track.  Please let me say here, that if for some reason your mail hasnít been answered, please do resend it as some got lost in the system over the Holidays and some simply werenít delivered! I have no idea why. The Internet is a mystery that I love and do not understand. So please have patience if you have not heard from us. I give you full permission to complain and nag if you have unanswered questions!

Many of you were kind enough to send us pictures of your pets for our new website. ITíS NOW UP AND RUNNING! www.ttouch.co.za - Not yet finished however, so where you find gaps, again please have patience as we have to work one page at a time. Weíve actually launched it early as we were doing so much work on it, we didnít have time to update the old one and we at least wanted all updated information such as workshops, there for our readers.

When you go onto the home page, youíll see a large picture of an animal, these are your pictures! We have about 30 loaded and each time you log on or refresh, youíll get a different animal and a different quote. We will be adding more as we go on, but these were randomly chosen by our Webmaster as a start. We also hope with time to have a picture album of your petís best pictures, but again Ė not quite yet.

A very Happy New Year to Everyone. I hope that 2007 brings you much joy and learning experiences with your 4 leggeds, as they are indeed our Teachers!

Keeping in Touch,


Certified Practitioner, Level 3 for Companion Animals

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