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 ARTICLES > TTouch > Confi-Kitten Classes
  TTouch  Article:
Article By: Karin Landsberg        Publish Date: 2006-09-09

Confi-Kitten classes are offered for all cat loving owners who want to learn more about how to improve the mental and behavioural development of their newly acquired kittens. In kitten classes, we teach you about why your cat does certain things, how to teach them to play properly, and most importantly, how to prevent problems from the beginning!

We all want the best for our cats as adults, so it is important to give them the right education too. Puppy classes have become a well known prerequisite for well socialized dogs – kitten classes are the feline equivalent!

In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in behaviour problems in pet cats. These include

  • Being scared of visitors coming into the house.
  • Urine spraying (both sexes do this, even if they’re sterilized)
  • Biting
  • Scratching
  • Damaging furniture from scratching.
  • Fighting with other cats.
  • Litter box problems.
  • No relationship with owners (not a huggable cat)
  • Not traveling well.
  • Aggressive towards groomers and Vets.

… to name but a few.

Even if you’ve had cats all your life, you can still enroll in class. Kittens are taught how to enjoy being handled by strangers, and you are given advice by trained instructors on how to ensure your relationship with your cat is a lifelong mutually beneficial one!

Ttouch is taught in each kitten class to help owners build their relationship with their kittens, as well as boosting confidence and increase tolerance to being handled. Owners are shown touches to help them calm their kittens down when overexcited, as well as assisting them when getting kitty used to being groomed.

Each class is run by an instructor who has been trained. When enrolling for a Confi-Kitten class, you can be assured that you are getting the most up to date information on feline behaviour and Ttouch as our instructors attend regular workshops to maintain their skills. The classes focus on teaching owners how to obtain harmony when living with a cat, and how to prevent behavioural problems later on in life. 

Class lessons include information on handling, behaviour, nutrition, grooming, socialization and health – a comprehensive “how to” class for the whole family!

For further information about a class in your area, please contact Karin Landsberg at Karin@thinkingpets.com or Niki Elliott at oem00760@pixie.co.za

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